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Jumat, 02 Desember 2016

AWS Announces Two New Hybrid Services

AWS Announces Two New Hybrid Services - The ability of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the use of public cloud very clearly not in doubt. Where AWS has been six years in a row, finished Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service. This Hinggatahun, AWS also has around 1,000 services, features, and tools offered on the new cloud customers.

A hybrid cloud is an integrated cloud service utilizing both private and public clouds to perform distinct functions within the same organization. All cloud computing services should offer certain efficiencies to differing degrees but public cloud services are likely to be more cost-efficient and scalable than private clouds. Therefore, an organization can maximize their efficiencies by employing public cloud services for all non-sensitive operations, only relying on a private cloud where they require it and ensuring that all of their platforms are seamlessly integrated.

There are some hybrid services offered by AWS, such as Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Amazon Direct Connect for integrated networking, AWS and AWS Storage Gateway Snowball for data integration, and AWS Service Directory for identity integration. Step AWS is working with VMware to provide hybrid cloud services VMware Cloud on AWS last October have received the considerable attention of the market. Mainly because quite a lot of organizations have done virtualized IT environment with VMware on its premise and also run applications in the AWS cloud.
Hybrid Irish IOT - In the event the AWS re: Invent 2016 held in Las Vegas, US, AWS introduced a hybrid cloud solution to the needs of the Internet of Things, the AWS Greengrass. Software AWS Greengrass has the ability on IOT connected device in the running AWS Lambda functions, compute, messaging, and data caching locally. AWS Lambda is a serverless computing framework to run programming code in the cloud. One example of the use of Greengrass demonstrated in AWS re: Invent 2016 by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a maker Rovers, Mars robotic rover. Greengrass AWS-E mounted on Rov (Remotely Operated Vehicle for Education) so that programming and testing JPL robots can be done more quickly.

With AWS Greengrass, JPL can immerse ability to execute the code locally on robots that will be placed in difficult environments, such as Mars, the moon, or the earth. AWS Greengrass also has the ability to programming code on the robot in doing calculations and analysis of big data in the cloud.

In the event re: Invent 2016, Andy Jassy (CEO, AWS) also introduced the latest generation of AWS Snowball, a data transport services to transfer data in the petabyte scale to the AWS cloud. The service named Snowball Edge is equipped with the same ability with Snowball. Adding to that is a storage capacity that is twice as large, with up to 100 TB; network speed four times more tracks; facilities built in Wi-Fi and cellular communications; and Network File System interface with Amazon S3-compatible endpoints so that Snowball Edge can connect to the cloud, sending data to and from Amazon S3.

What about the company whose data reach exabytes scale? Do not worry because AWS has Snowmobile.Layanan transport of data is mounted on a truck-size containers length of nearly 15 meters. According to Jassy, ​​Snowmobile can accommodate up to 100 petabytes of data. "We will bring these trucks into your data center," he said.

To begin moving data, customers simply plug in the power cord and connect the data storage Snowmobile to Snowmobile with fiber cable. According to Jassy, ​​it took about 26 years to move one exabyte of data at 10 Gbps data center to AWS. But with ten Snowmobile, transport data process can be completed in less than six months.

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